May 25/26, 2019
Acts 6 & 7:  Stephen’s Story

  1. The passage indicates that Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit.  How do we become more filled with the Spirit or receive more power from Him?  Do we play a role in that or is it all in God’s hands?

  2. Are there areas in your life today where you are resisting the Spirit’s call or leading?  Are there good things He wants you to let go of so that He can show you even greater things?

  3. Read Luke 21:15. Have you ever been in a spot where God has given you the words to say that were clearly from Him, not you?

  4. As you think about Stephen’s speech to the Jews, what stands out to you?  Is there anything there that can help you with your own testimony or sharing?

  5. Steve quoted someone who told him that God never wastes pain.  Was there a time in your life where suffering or pain opened new doors for ministry or taught you new things about God’s character?

  6. What else did God say to you through this sermon?