FEBRUARY 17, 2019

Romans 14:1-12 Handling our Differences

  1. Paul talks about not passing judgment on “disputable matters” (verse 1).  I think Steve referred to these as areas where we agree to disagree. How do we handle these?  Do we just not talk about them?

  2. The implication in the passage and Steve’s sermon was that those with the strongest faith are those that feel the greatest freedom (verses 2 and 3)?  Do you agree? Wouldn’t that suggest that the most “liberal” churches have the greatest faith? Looking at where you are on this less-to-greater freedom, do you feel that you should be moving to feel and demonstrate more freedom?

  3. See Proverbs 27:17 and James 5:19-20.  The first suggests that we should be like iron sharpening iron to make each other better (possibly even with some sparks).  The second talks about turning back someone who has wandered from “the truth.” How is this different than what Paul is talking about in this passage?

  4. When God, through your conscience, limits your freedom, do you want to place others under the same restriction?  Why? Is that part of what this passage is about? How should you respond?

  5. Referring to this passage, what do you think your response should be to someone who: 1. Says they believe in a God of love, but Scripture is open to interpretation and much of it is inaccurate, or 2. Is openly homosexual, but professes faith and says God is okay with his sexual orientation because He made him that way, or 3.  Professes faith, but sees no reason to be involved in the church?

  6. What else did God reveal to you through this passage or Steve’s sermon?